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be unavoidable, but at least the pit is quickly filled and

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But this is an extension of the subject which is outside the

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time the ditliculties before the managers are most serious,

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pion of the lower lid requiring the removal of a piece of skin,

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was produced by surgical operations, in which the whole thyroid glan<

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The regular fortnightly meeting of this Branch was held on

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not be kept in a state of activity for more than about eight

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thing in the body exists for the purpose of ministering to the advantage

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symptoms of these cases when severe is a wrist-drop, which differs

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stretching of the auriculo-ventricular orifice allowing of re-

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ing tinnitus and occasionally delirium. In some cases marked by

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the bowels subsides. Cooked fruit is almost always well digested, but

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a year including travelling and all other expenses, with

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ally the course of a fistula which leads to its original source can be easily

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RouERTS, Henry William, M.R.C.S Eng., L.S.A., reappointed Medical

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anastomoses. Many groups of cells extend more than i inch, and

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upon which it depends. Thus, uremia developing in a child with scar-

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This morning element can only be ascribed to derangements in vital

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geon-captain Army Medical Staft", third son of Colonel Y'oung, late

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that occasion official copies of tlie Oaths Act. together with a simple

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: '^trr vei.-. .t uir mi-dir^ TtftTCTiT^ it ^ Ijcrnrms oi Panama, and in

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from extension of an empyema in the pleura, or it may be a sequel in

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ters; salt and fresh butchers' meat (with the exception of liver), poultry,

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calculus, the pelvis of the ureter is first dilated and then general dila-

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Spasm of the Muscles of the Larynx. — In this the adductor muscles

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J, A, Shaw-Mackenzie, M,B,, London: Mr, J, A. Sullivan, Pontypridd;

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these reasons prevented my immediately carrying out my in-

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This process lifts, as it were, a set of cells from their previous attach-

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hemorrhage. Another, a woman, became greatly emaciated from

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the latter may exist in high degree, as in fever, and yet the patient be

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adults the swallowing of hot drinks often promotes the expectoration,

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But meanwhile what should be done? Prophylaxis is here of the

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determine its influence on vessels. It only dissolves in


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