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quently it is accomplished through the pernicious custom of indiscrim-

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painful tenesmus; the stools are often small and contain mucus and

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vein are distended and thickened, and the connective tissue surrounding

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Finally the recognition of the nature of the c/rotvth can often be made

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Symptoms of Chronic Local Peritonitis. — This condition is

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the distribution of the palsy is more symmetric bilaterally, and after

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adults. The prognosis has been rendered less serious by the applica-

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thickening of the pelvic tissue. If a pessary be inserted in such a

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ing the left auricle, induces cardiac palpitation and dyspnea.

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which are fairly advanced, but in which the lesions are no longer actively

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infrequently the onset is characterized by convulsions, high fever, pros-

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sense of impending death. The countenance is frequently pale, and

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alkaline diuretics and saline laxatives, together with warm bathing, will

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cyanotic hue of the lips, eyelids, and finger-tips, cardiocentesis is indicated,

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ease in the course of the nerve, or of the mouth, nose, or orbit.

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lowered when open), may also be observed. In pyo-pneumothorax a flat

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1. The commonest variety of chronic bronchitis has been called the

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less observer; but the latter aff'ection is slow in onset, free from serious

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of these thrombi, pulmonary embolism, attended with its usual symp-

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clonidine dose for sleep

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ium, may be present. Under these circumstances death usually ensues

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The diagnosis of chylous ascites and ascites adiposus rests upon inse-

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the periodic form has lasted a long time it may gradually become a

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As to the frequency of the infection of hogs, it may be said that about

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ing (especially in children), muscular twitching, headache, and rest-

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to be due to bilateral paralysis of the abductors. In dyspnea arising

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Diagnosis. — All that the best clinicians can do is to establish a

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cases Avill be overlooked. The difference in the symptomatology in the

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and supplies all the muscles of the larynx except those named above.

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(2) The Paralytic Stage. — In the concluding stage the patient passes

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vaded district (usually limited in area) is attacked.

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ano-ina, gymnastic exercises, in the form of passive movements alone,

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intestines, both occurring in greatly debilitated children. Osier saw a

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being inferred, however, it has been called tliyroidin.'^ Ponfick has

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are handled daily to examine microscopicalh' simply a minute fragment

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month, Cohnheim noted an abundance of fat in the liver, a granular state

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why the lesions peculiar to simple acute endocarditis usually precede

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begun the capillaries likeAvise disappear, and the epithelium of the air-

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palsy is not complete, the frontalis and orbicularis oculi escaping. The

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In the short time allotted it will not be possible to touch on

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1. Obstruction of the Common Duct. — Pathology. — The result

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movable kidney. Colicky pains often usher in the periods of greatest

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