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which contains a very large amount of most instructive

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tion of the nature of the eye itself; the knowledge of which, as it is of importance

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proportion of ammonia, the effects of which are added to those of

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the derangement in each organ or function in all the stages

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(6) A case illustrative of trephining for glaucoma combined

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One difficulty encountered in the procedure is the patient will often

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faeces, but would force the contents of the bowels from above,

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to ward off the acute and alarming symptoms of some

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The patient was placed at once upon cordial of cod liver oil (Hagee), internally

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ported this view. Sir Dyce Duckworth holds that the lead acts injuriously

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E, right ear 3 feet, left 3 J. F, right ear 11 inches, left 15 inches.

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fits. It is to be observed too, that the jiatient lies on his back,

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the case of a nervous child when under observation. When

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American profession hailed the new discovery with enthusiasm,

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fection is generally excluded as a factor in puerperal sepsis,


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