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especially dangerous conditions for the human subject.

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have, however, supplanted it in many of the schools, although it is still

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be good. He died of tuberculosis, nearly twenty years before

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niitttd themselves by previously expressed sworn statements

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well developed, with some emaciation. Rigor mortis was slight ;

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Summary of Cases treated in Women's Lunatic Asylum from Sept. 3d,

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Hongkong and in India that the case was regarded as almost cer-

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could detect nothing within the throat, except a softening of the pans. He

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Asst.-Surgeon C. H. Lavlnder, granted leav? of absence for tei

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death is imminent, and he is without any hope of recovery.

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The Baptist Hospital lost an estate of $2000, left to it by a

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great majority of cases of amaurotic idiocy occur in Jewish

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leaves no injured tissue to slough, produces firm and rapid

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them was about half an inch in diameter. On the anterior surface of the

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are also well clothed as a rule and particular emphasis is to

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The tumour being now removed, I explored the cavity from which it had

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more furrows, by means of a concealed knife, heated to white

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then demand $1, and sometimes $2, for these. Armed with one

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ral, but not quite large enough, and there appeared to be a disposition in the

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of egg, the water, and the acetic acid together, then add the oil of turpen-

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47. — See abstract in The Journal of March 9, p. 681.

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Dr. Hesadiah Todd Crabtree has gone to San Francisco

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ing and a slight desire to expectorate, which disappeared after a few mo-

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cacy having been witnessed by him on a great many occasions.

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coal-tar, lying within easy reach, had been overlooked,

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bequeathed us this heritage and honors us who remain

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quate caution in timing instrumental efforts so that the parts be allowed to

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of the blood and blood-forming organs, but also of the

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having learned the meaning of the sounds, such a person can

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because the urine from the opposite kidney contained some

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and the lumbar muscles behind, without encountering hemor-

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