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When the bullet penetrates on the level of the epitrochlear-
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Bullets changed in shape through contact with stony ground
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Remarks from these gentlemen added greatly to the interest
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alone is capable of supplying. Like his father he turned
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the abdominal wound without drainage. His successes as
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Dr. F. H. Kerebs, chairman, presented the following papers
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in religion he is a Presbyterian, He is a member of the
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ilis) ; headache, principally frontal, relieved by lying quiet in
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violent lumbago or omalgia to improve rapidly, and like favorable results are
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Asylum, from 1882; visiting surgeon to St. Vincent's Hospital, from
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tinguish large objects. While this improvement may be only
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appearance, to give out as a definite rule that —
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time is too short, you will also kindly content yourselves with a
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collapse of the skull, resulting from a cleft extending from the
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lo the Medical Society of the County of New York, at the
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he accepted the position of Demonstrator of Anatomy in
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disproportionately large is the number of deaths among French
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developing during the course of Infantile Eczema," conjointly with
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With the editor's permission, we will begin by pointing out
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piece, the ogive, and the fuse. Fragments of average size
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wolf's mouth, and with his dagger slew the beast. The
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returned to Cincinnati, Ohio, and engaged in mercantile
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T OSEPH DECATUR BRYANT, late of New York City, was born


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