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and J. H. Austin. The action of antiseptics on the toxin of
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vacuo at low temperature to dryness. It appears as lustrous
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Charles R. Austrian. Experimental tuberculous meningitis. — Johns
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amination in Obstetrics may be absolved at the end of the
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Still when pictures are shown, the wrong name given to a picture
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M. D., University of Virginia, 1905. X-Ray Diagnosis.
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Ilappc], T.J. Continued fever neither malarial nor typhoid, a clinical
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Joseph R. B. Branch. A day in the hospital. — Yale Alumni Weekly,
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S. B., Grinnell College, 1910; Ph.D., Yale University, 1914; Assistant and
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chronic nerve cell changes, are better preserved than ganglion cells
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of Superintendent Worsham. The appropriation is to cover build-
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Massachusetts Medical Society, 678; malaria in Italy. 680; the annual
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for microcolorimetric analysis as applied to the determination
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of the psychosis, but the difficulties which a foreigner meets during
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enormous strides. In almost every civilized community societies for
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4 All such claims arising in suits involving the collection of
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Texas for 1903, just issued from the press of The Von Boeckmann-
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have to look principally to the opiates. The crucial
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In diphtheritic cases and other septic conditions, sudden death
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chorea, developed the disease at the age of sixty, but is said to
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place of unco-ordinated and often mutnallv hindering efforts,
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practitioner ; and upon the organization of the Medical Department
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tions of Cases II, III, and V are scarely to be distinguished, either
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University of Chicago. Two imperial octavo volumes of about
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and Eichardson, Lloyd, Elmendorf, Withers, Assistant City Physi-
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sential unity of the cerebral lesions of syphilis, it
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had already covered the foundations and lower walls of
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The gonococcus complement fixation test. — Interstate Medical
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It is in cases like these that we come in contact with the
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the digested products are not further elaborated by the still healthy
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integral part of the Johns Hopkins University, and, like other
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For sum::., r courses for general practitioners see announce-
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had died, one at eighteen of gastric ulcer, another of heart disease.


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