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other shivering fit will come on at the same hour, and run the same
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aspect ; the nightly attacks become longer and afflict the patient with
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change was effected in the constitution of the College
escitalopram 5mg to 10mg
escitalopram oxalate 20mg (base)
case ; temporary imi)rovement or exacerbation will not escape him,
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now high, ranging from one hundred and two to one hundred
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present than putrescin, but the two may occur in association.
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of this membrane the nerves of hearing are distributed or spread out.
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genous obesity," as I call the condition in opposition to the common
prozac celexa zoloft paxil and lexapro are common drugs used to treat
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The retention, for instance, of an excess of carbonic acid in the sys-
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audible over the bulb of the internal jugular vein. At the same time
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heaping up of carbohydrates in the fatty tissues is also more or less
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As for the uratic deposits in the joints. Sir William Roberts con-
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matter in the urine, although no albumin could be found. Rosensteiir
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special tendency of chorea to occur in those who have suffered from
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The time between the exposure and the breaking out or incubation
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tic organism. Leo has approached this question experimentally by
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may be due to toxic substances rapidly formed within the body.
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rapidly subsides under appropriate treatment. The hypersemia is
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acts by over-stimulating, fatiguing, and finally paralyzing the thermic
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vitreous degeneration, which is called waxy by Zenker, consists in a
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claimed by Charcot for this thesis that it embodies the earliest de-
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given. The derma or true skin and the epidermis or scarf skin, also
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period of three or four weeks until it can be omitted altogether,
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healthy foods at a reasonable price, healthy water uncontaminated
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clothes. The oil renders the skin soft and natural. The head, face
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both are hereditary in character. Gout is associated more with the
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the nidus is renewed; in such circumstances there would be no re-
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by blindness. It is mentioned elsewhere. See diseases of the eves.
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Post, Wright, M.D., professor of anatomy, 30, 36; president of
celexa osteoperosis
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prominence of the affected muscle above the surrounding surface, the
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of torticollis, for example, we may be able by means of tenotomy to
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arteriosclerotic kidney or granular kidney, with its striking local vascular
does celexa make you more depressed
When the rescued patient has been restored, or when breathing
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gastric crisis of tabes dorsalis, or in chronic alcoholism, or in periph-
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than distilled mixtures of equivalent alcoholic strength, it is incorrect
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Stances which come under this head and because there are so many
side effects of celexa in elderly
same cause as the increased fat-formation or are induced by it : uric-
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