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and those of limited means has led a sympathetic correspondent to
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isolated and artificially cultivated, might be employed for a
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comfort themselves with the reflection that they suffer in a
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fever. Two fatal cases of diphtheria occurred in Edinburgh and 2 in
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of this District will be held at the Saikville Hotel, Bexhill, on Thursday,
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substituting healthy red corpuscles for those vitiated by the
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healing in only one case. Amelioration of the general condi-
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ROGERSON, C, M.B.Lond., appointed one of the HousePhysioians to the
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ease attacks all tracts more or less impartially, and so far as
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treated, of the mercuric albuminate. Dr. W. Japp Sinclair, so long ago
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District. The funeral, which took ijlace on April 21st, was
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arising from the ingestion of unwholesome substances.
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In accordance with our modern viev.'s, leprosy is taken to be
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probable that the methods adopted would continue to hold
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of all sorts, that the position of the implicated part was in
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was the general opinion of the medical practitioners that the
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they claim, is a weak point in the theory of contagion, as is
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veyed hence down the river to Long Reach, where the hos-
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lowed into his well-earned retirement by the best wishes of
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terminology any better than similar expressions in English,
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measles, 18 from whooping-cough, 7 from scarlet fever, and 1 from small-
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adopted a series of recommendations for making the hospital ships
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1825 ; died 25th June, 1892." The work has been executed by
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ing it out, the sponges being changed from time to time, and
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Obstetric, M. Th., 1.30; o.p., M. ¥., V. W., I.:f0 ; Eye, Tu. F., 9;
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specific organism characteristic of this disease, his negative
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in soirrhus of the breast. With respect to this body, the
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ulcer of the mucous membrane which has so far extended in
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been stimulated in man. Its significance, lying as it does
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Lehrbuch der Eloktrotheraple. By Dr. Sperling. Leipzig : Verlag von
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mind the intricacy of the subject, the insufficiency of the
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us. More time will thus be afforded for the final revision of


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