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was all that remained, and the patient was again discharged.

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of the pulmonary vessels by which the solid parts of the

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of the disease in causing nephritis. So-called "dry"

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by what were termed "bone-setters ;" consequently he had had under his care

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liability cases. There was a marked decrease in available liability insurance as well as great

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cardiac failure supervene. It is unusual, and probably only accidental,

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in my infernal career, I feel much indebted to my departments Church and

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that he has repeatedly seen blindness as a result of this condition.

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sionally seen patients brought at last to the asylum or sanitarium who

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not perfect. No. 2 being better developed than No. 3.

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portion of the pectoralis major. The postertor incision was

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sailed from China on December ist, with one hundred

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equally balanced. Proper diet and exercise, cheerfulness of

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apparently normal on removal indicates a certain lack of resistance of the red cells,

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in infants with six recoveries. The average age of the acute

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the transmission of an acquired character. But it probably may be

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the patient is to be washed in tepid water and soap as often as practicable

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spect from the Confederate Government and commanding gener-

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results. At first he used the hydrochlorate, but subsequently found that

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tic skill when dealing with these diseases, that their duration may

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urged that the beautiful vascular structure of the posterior parts

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as was necessary for human health. As old age came on Dr Arnott

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broader base of hard rubber, and a removable top of the same material, the

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themselves with investigations for which they were not

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In the morning at 11 o'clock the Association convened in Verandah Hal).

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As the emetics will only relieve the stomach of its con-

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bistoury should be made into the thinnest portion of the skin, taking care that

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2. Retention or Reformation of Calcili with Attendant

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cultures are here commonly negative. As a general rule, the diagnosis


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