Cardura Xl Tablets

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out any drawback. The length of her stay in the hospital

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deserves hearty thanks for haNTing given the profes-

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cussion v/ith one of his Avorkmen who came to visit

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7. A Few Words ou the Choice of a Microscope, By J. J. Pluaier,

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sick man — value owe professional services more highly

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noiselessly, as beautifully as the life of the unseen

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much for this patient, I think she feels ; for, with the

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appreciated his very kind attention to their studies,

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in the treatment of certain derangements of vision,

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and the President showed to be improper. In Oxford,

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— to tlu-ow grave doubt on the correctness of the as-

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tities of useless articles, lavish distribution of pro-

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spot only, and at this point the surface was broken or abraded;

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Longbothnra, George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne School of Medicine

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restricted himself to an analysis of the cases under

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'tis not fit to give him remedys till one has well examined what

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Dr. Aronssohn to touch repeatedly the little point which still

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excellent Essay on Alpine Climates, which Dr. Weber

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retracted, its tendons should also be di-\-ided. Then,

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question non-existent. About eleven o'clock I tried

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This fact is constantly presented to our notice. For I

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toms may depend. A single symptom is, comparatively

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great, and so immediate? "Well, then, unless we choose

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King's College, 1*30 p.m. — Charing Cross, 2 p.m.—

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plates of Scultetus and Heister, in transfixing the

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duration, had constantly progressed, in spite of care-

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The calculus— a round mulberry, covered with very large

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preferment, admit him into their society ; coming to

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Harley, " On Intermittent Hematuria"; Dr. Dickinson, " On

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to prove that the spine is not draivn into a curved


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