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The Organising Committee of the International Congress of
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K. Blackburn, Sheffield; G. P. Bletchly. Middlesex Hospital ; R. W.
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Nightingale. P. A , M.B., CM., appointed Physician to His Highness the
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rays on the medium. Moreover, the experiments prove that
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according to M. Broca, most cases operated upon under that
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that is, to perform cholelithotrity without cholecystotomy. In
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pital; f. G. Seligmann, St. Thomas's Hospital; T. B. Sellers, Mid-
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that life was lengthened by it. The patient at the time of his
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obtained by No 3 bearers in the u^ual manner, and are then inserted to
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board, and washing. Applications to O. Webster, Secretary, by
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no albumen; specific gravity 1035. The tube was syringed
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subjects taught there at that time ; for instruction in English
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that there is a specific organism. Dr. Vincent D. Harris
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reliable and the temperature taken hourly, the icebag being
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Union, vice A. Whitham, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.Edin., deceased.
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pean countries ; lesser facilities are afforded by France and
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heads of public offices are dealt with by correspondence, by
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ptoms of any importance developed. At the necropsy, the
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will open a discussion on the question, " Is it necessary for
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much longer after the extirpation of the two kidneys (some-
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glands associated with the respiratorypassages, which, though
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scarlatina and diphtheria ran together. Eight of these nine cases of
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a leading article on the functions of the above tracts, and also
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Sib, — Essentially the same manoeuvre as that recommended
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which indicates that some other factors are wanted to assist
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was one of his schoolmasters. Shattuck afterwards went to
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was held, the coroner, according to his usual custom, calling no medical
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nection with domestic workshops, which he defined as places
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Dr. W. J. Tyson (Folkestone) insisted on the importance of
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The symptoms in two cases may be very nearly alike, and yet
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and for London. There would seem to be substantial agree-
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".Arise eternal one. destroying all evil before thee : thine eye is
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the deceased was medically attended should be stated on the
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stained with fuchsin and looked suspicious, but none of these;
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jiiean deatn-rate was 22.0 per l.ouo ; in London the rate was 22.1 per l,onij,
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and costs in each ca?e. If there were any extenuating circumstances they do
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further showed that the infective principle of diphtheria can
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In an Appendix these arguments are still further elabo-
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of malignant tumours is alluded to, and figures of cell inclu-
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Clowes says does not detect less than 2 to .3 per cent., whilst
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residence, is in a filthy condition, endangering the lives of the occu-


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