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carrying a tie, distance of fall six feet. Patient semi-comatose.

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"I think if they are not allowed to go too long without food they come

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The patient, a male 17 years of age, white, was admitted to The

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show pathologic finding, some cases are accompanied with perfectly

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three cases of cardiac insufficiency in which temporary increase in the

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mania. Family history shows insanity. Chorea commenced about

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afford now because of lack of time and lack of all remuneration.

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especially ten or fifteen minutes before food, as then the stomach is put

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"On November 29th, 1916, he again entered St. Mary's Hospital,

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Case Lā€” Charles Burley, ten months. Right hip. April 17th. Family

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Six were reported as cured too early; all after 1881, 7.79 per cent.

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by a small cannula. L. Emmett Holt, the specialist in children's diseases,

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A desire to study the lessons that might be drawn from a considerable

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At the front the men are under practically a continuous strain,

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kidneys is often striking; for example the drug may be eliminated

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4. Prolapse complicated by malignant disease, fecal impaction,

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unnatural parent is now advocating with equal warmth the present

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seen so markedly after any other operation known to me. Let the incision

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Personal Histories. ā€” No previous history of venereal, cardiac, renal,

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tance from the articulation and extends to it secondarily, that at first

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left. Beyond this, however, no sign of paralysis was oberved anywhere.

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tion between the ileum and the caecum completely closed. In the first

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The Origin of Placenta PRiEviA, with an Illustrative Case.

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der line of over use. We have the functional disturbances of

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The general arrangement of the book is to be commended,

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The abdomen ^ntiseptically cleaned, a vaginal douche and vaginal tampon

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prolapse. On examination I found a well-defined submucous

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it was mainly upon this illustration that I ventured to base the opinion

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Dakin's solution ran into the pleural cavity; then the bottle was lowered to

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Its effect upon the tissues is far better, as it contains with it

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may now wait any length of time in order that the lymph

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connected with injuries of the spinal cord, and with traumatic neuroses,

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being also made to the recent case of Besnier and Vidal designated as

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causation, though the evidence brought forward in support of

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of its bearing on the cooperation that the patient may be expected to

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microns long and six to seven microns wide. Their long axis is

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one hundred and thirty-eight personal cases,^ that, too, ^ when


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