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Resolved, That it be recommended to each medical society,

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first place, this cutaneous eruption, which is remarkable

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" The pathological condition leading to these symptoms con-

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protistologica degli esseri ferraenii. Boll, scient., Pavia,

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slightly acid fluid is rather difficult to ascertain, I imagine. An

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meet during the first week of January, of April, of

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cessful in the evaluation of lung cancer, this method

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cases in the same family. This contrasts strongly with the experi-

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tory, certain subjective and objective symptoms ; at times he

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exceeding interest to us all. An authentic life-size por-

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certain hope of uncertain peace had come to Paris, Laennec was

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nating with periods of comparative quiescence, great

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microscopic examination of a small piece of muscular

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some cases protrudes from the mouth, with laceration, abscesses,

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5. " The intch of the mitral bellows murmur is lower than that of

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Herbs generally afforded the Saxons their materials Saxon cures,

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short of the period of forty weeks, which has been usually set down as the

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Certain vague and indefinite practices then took more fixed

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ted to fuch complaints in the long, lift of human infirmities. The hif-

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stimulants. It is to be borne in mind that the recover}' will depend on

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reduced fi-om 1,997 on July 1, 1865, to two hundred and

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uncomplicated by any laceration of nerve tissue or rupture

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true of the adult. There is probably no racial immunity against malaria,

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On the following morning it was found that he had slept all through the

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beams in his narrow retreat, where the want of air, space, and light are

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Second solution: Dissolve 180 grams of pure Roohelle salt

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TlicHO vesicles uiu deeply seated ;iud ol small size, varying from

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Doubtless, shoeing the horse is a necessary evil, and all

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Professor Bouillaud took the chair at 8 o'clock. He in-

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patient, ingenious, and perspicacious in the study of

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tity I now use is not half as great as it was, and of that quantity a large

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condition of the structures involved, and this is our unerring guide. When,

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lated a great many cases in which its use had been followed by con-

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observation, arranjj^ed in g-roups, enibraeinj^ the more important results

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made with the article on some of the lower animals, the potency of the drug

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