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body of the hospital. A physician whose staff appoint

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the thyroid gland at least some very real evidence in the condition

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the subject of epithelial metamorphosis. He noted that

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hysterectomy in cases of prolapsus uteri is the tendency

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age. This consists of two linen bands a yard long. The centre of

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parts and largely consumed as a salad in the form of cold

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the same benign prognosis as the other osseous com

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disappearance of the disease after the em loyment of parasiticide

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extreme restlessness are given. The lesion of the intestine

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long the consciousness is more or less impaired. The patient now becomes

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done and the equinus deformity corrected. It is important that the heel be

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my own pattern bj Krohne and Sesemann exist anywhere else.

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whatever cause if considerable would be a valid objec

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at once but such carbohydrates as cane sugar milk sugar glycogen

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pressure I succeeded in passing my hand through it and with

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necessity for doses above thirty grains. In cases where parasites

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and has many courageous and able men among the pro

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burst into the rectum the vagina and the bladder appears to rest on

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an article by Dr. DeLaskie Miller on the above named subject

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tions etc. or the exalted position of the loved one

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fended the contrary opinion in an able and ingenious manner

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fest in three cases. So far as I am able to judge the

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and the boxes of mortalities marked perishable goods

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The case fiend penetrates every stratum of society.

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to realize that a man may be mentally sick without having delusions

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Baltimore. This allows plenty of time to elapse for the wound to

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afforded of the reparative power of diseased bone. Had

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render of all the rights interest and estate of the said cor

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viscera and the generative organs. The external iliac passes down

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dyspnoea to an alarming degree. I now administered polytrichum freely

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about how this disease has been a major shaper of hu

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of at least one for every five workmen or with porcelain lined

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Report on Prevention of Influenza oC the Public Health

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ing from the rapidly decomposing urine which are pre

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Obstetrics receives the most attention and is written in a

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