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on Greek and Latin Grammar. (4) Arithmetio, inolnding vnlgar and deeimal,

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frequently we find in tabes inequality of the pupils and, as a rare symptom,

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(1) ^'^^cate the presence of a dead undeveloped ch/ck e«l>ryo.

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clinical teaching in the College, the Dispensary, and the Cook County Hospital by

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* Vaccination against scarlet fever and diphtherial s requiredi n advance.

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begins with pains in the arms, and upon the later appearance of the charac-

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Dentists who were in practice before 1st August, 1878, may be

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(a) A jacketed w^ll which contains the hot water and steam for heating

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research in the various fields of departmental specialization. Designed for students

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William James Kirby, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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and on passing the examination receive a certificate to that effect.

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residential examining bodies of the United Kingdom.

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hvsterical stammering, although it should more properly be classed with the

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This military technical training course . has ^een selected atyi adapted by

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the kindness of the railway authorities, will entitle them to return

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fittld wi^h'lcre^ns!^"^'' ^'"^^ ^° f-eceivlng rooms and feeding rooms, shall be properly

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by the aid of the ever- ready antagonistic muscles can we grade our movements

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Boyal College shall, if required by him, state in writing the reason for that

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of the cutaneous reflexes. Frequently we find an absence of the abdominal

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the cord in the decussation of the pyramids and of the other motor decussa-

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from the fact that attacks of symptomatic migraine may also occur in

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G^eral and Practical Chemistry, Materia Medica and Botany, Histo-

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to a diploma. Yet the Faculty is at liberty to confer the title of Doctor honoris

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system or fortuitous circumscribed parts thereof, but only on certain definite

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ic " disturbance. The presence of the Babinski [or OppenheimJ reflexes'

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Practical Attendance upon thirty midwifery cases : Fee for six months,

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scholarship, £42 ; College prizes, £20, £10. Second swnvmer : College

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examiner, since the cord over a definite extent is either softer and more flex-

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