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(rheumatismus articulorum aeutus), after the acute stage has passed,

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now that there is no specific remedy for this ' ill that flesh is

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ingly feeble, the mental faculties greatly weakened in the advanced

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nothing like as much fluid as a man should part with in the

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^ly purpose to-day in sp(>aking is not to show you bow the

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Costa, and later, Musser and Osier, in this country. I re-

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to the third stage. While evening exacerbation with high temperature

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choose between the two evils, an increase of the local disturbance and

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troubles. Men who appreciate the horrors of the situation

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to 1887, 1,828 cases of typhoid fever were treated on the expectant

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tion, producing the well-known cutis anserina. This condition pre-

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Florence on the 21st of November, 1892, stating that they entirely

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mending that tuberculous patients in the infectious stage of the disease

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and albuminous. He speaks of eggs and milk as examples

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utilized as the basis of hydrotherapy. Deviating from the prevalent

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The immediate effect upon the peripheral vessels is to contract them,

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and should be recommended by physicians to those engaged

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severe and neglected cases the indications for their employment may

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ration and proper preparation. Persons who reach fifty, of

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mortality of 41.17 per cent. In the same hospital another series of

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claim that this negative result militates against the general impression

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Philadelphia. It was rare that a proper interest could be

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forms of chronic nervous diseases are extraordinarily favorable. It is

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losis, is in its prevention. Personally, I believe the State

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on environment interests us very much. A reasonable doubt exists as tO'

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indications for valuable therapeutic results from these baths.

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out stint to help these poor and weary "children of a day."

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the chief had done before them, and took about the same pre-

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theria, they cover the whole domain of the Pharmacopeia, and we have

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" resting after the bath, " which they have derived from their experience

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occasional irrigation cleanses the stomach of possible accumulations,

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afore-mentioned case reported by myself in Avhich there were profuse

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because of the jiain caused by alcoholic tincture. The gonococci

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our knowledge of pathogenic germs grows. Appendicitis

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used, and sometimes the A. C. E. mixture. Agnew pre-

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Sir Spencer Wells, and other noted names by the dozen, show

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neous vessels will be followed by dilatation and the antiphlogistic effect

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scribed dulness and moist rales must be found present in the same

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