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every second day and water drunk freely. Between attacks it is

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Carlsbad and of Brides-les-Bains are highly recommended.

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along the greater curvature and back again along the lesser. After the

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other effedls were totally different. In the paunch

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month of March, when there is a fufficiency of her-

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out invasion of the adjoining walls. Lympho-sarcomatous growths may

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the best of these. Twenty to 60 minims of the tincture of hamamelis,

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fee Pleurify . and of the Bowels, fee Colic. Symptoms and

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" ly nofled it afide to bite a blaid of grafs ; and that

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ruptures are of different fizes, according to the quan-

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for an hour or longer until the mixture is of a thick consistency and barely

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is more common in the inherited form than in the acquired. In the pia

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deep into the subcutaneous tissue and not into the derma, the eye of the

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the cause of diabetes, such as tumour, softening, fatty degeneration,

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culous deposit, that it could be felt through the abdominal wall as a hard,

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was possible to demonstrate the presence of lithium in the urine, thus

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R. W. POWELL, M.D., Registrar, 180 Cooper St., Ottawa, Ont.

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In very rare instances a hepatic abscess is due to the spreading into the

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though mild in it's operation, is fometimes very ef-

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him at Dresden. Of these, twenty-five died of tuberculosis, sixty-six

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vering, fuch creatures as fhe intended to be expofed

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are also frequently useful. Local treatment, in the form of counter-

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dollils dipt in the tintlure of myrrh ^ otherwife thofe

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is bacterial fermentation of the food in the dilated stomach. Dilatation

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fuck ; and when it has done fucking, it muft be led

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generally. As Pepto-Mangan is free from irritant properties

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they are equally so, and for a long time the amount of disease in the sounder

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{a) treatife of tht Operations of Surgery ; Intro Ju^hny chap. Hi.

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haps, in winter, a little warmed before the fire after ,


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