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like tubercles were found on the omentum and attached to the peritoneal side of

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(pmntities of acids are produced in phosphorus poisoninp.

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pen, except that at obstructions and at ends of alleyways, as provided for cattle, there

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not only morphologically, but in their biological and pathogenic

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appearance of the surrounding infiltrate. In seven-

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The etiology of these atherosclerotic processes in the pulmonary

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si.lts arc t.. 1.." .■xi..--t.M a-M.-nlin-.- to ul,.'tl,.-r tl,- p..,tion ..f pan.Mvas

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Francka, chairman, Jolley, Smith, Virden and Thompi-

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scr\ation is that |)urine must he jiartly of i .nii/i hhkx and partly «f

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acters, the occurrence and distribution of mitochondria and glycogen,

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We invite you to see our representatives at Booth 22. They have some interesting

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part of the pavement, were lying on top. There are holes in the plank pavement fllled

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nation of each piece of pork, and the committee proposed to divide

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the cNnplithalinie type, 'i'lic exact iiaihnhicic cliainjes in tlic i;ipit ciiii-

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infection, may be rendered Into lard or tallow if desired by the manager of tbe establish-

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cian in the state who has a patient with syphilis whom

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Nothing that pertains to an organism can appear in all, or prac-

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Sbc. 4. That the penalty created by the preceding section shall be recovered by

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are largely due to the fact that the organ is deep-

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the bottle with its powder Is placed in a drier under a vacuum of less than 3 mm. of mercury.

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inoculated into animals that have been immunized against tubercu-

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Bloom, Fayette; W. F. Francka, Hannibal: J. F. Jolley. Mex-

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history of paroxysmal coughing for a week. A diagnosis of pertussis was

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preparations of egg albumin and egg globulin have a common antigenic

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establishment and to the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry.

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The Bureau of Animal Industry can do and is doing much, but

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predilection for site, or peculiarities of metastasis.

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taining part of the wooden tube must be not less than one-quarter of an inch

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ical examination was noncontributory except for the

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istered before meals. His insomnia did not respond to

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nation of each piece of pork, and the committee proposed to divide

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would likewise, however, require the services of a veterinarian or


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