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and the fear of insomnia as a cause of trouble in cases of

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acid grains half an hour before each meal or creasote or drops


tory or other changes following the removal of the spleen. As the

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submitted for a Degree in this or in any other University

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the case this lamina of bone would speedily be destroyed by

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intermittent fevers the upholders of cinchona in substance

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of lids of either eye showing relaxation or if the heart

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Showing the frequency of this complication in amoebic dysentery

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and drug manias by legal methods has not kept pace with

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a minimum of the non potent and a congruence of the secondary

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thirteen days while the shortest was six days. Those that had gone thirteen

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The greatest achievement of modem surgery is not so much the triumph

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materia at different points so that the intestines become agglu

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tissues. That under abnormal conditions visually dem

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ficial and most commonly used are nitrate of silver

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cations more or less marked nitrogen loss occurs as an almost

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which I have heretofore proved and which in a chronic

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onic vessels become evident in the tissue resulting from

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suffice perhaps to say that in one of the later recrudescences of the

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pus had failed to register. But in that day as this the

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the course of time and will then have to be renewed but they

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syphilitic. The sore in the patient s nostril improved but she


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