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cm. to 4 cm. We can properly await the formation between the
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eacli fraternity and sorority in the College, and a non-fraternity re|)resent.iti\ c
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2 pi. — Ohillini (C.) Experimentelle Uutersiichungen
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ments which may be present. It is probably rare to observe entire
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concessions to scientific medicine, and anythiiij; which
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nerve vigor, force and energy are disturbed and depressed
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and degenerating leucoc5rtes. It usually occurs promptly in or
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treatment, and which is very obstinate. He had scarified some
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morbid complicai;ion ; still they are deserving of the utmost
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to any other sense but the eye; neither is there of sound but
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operations were performed, and only 7 recovered (12
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ing its two years' existence the National Committee
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essential in the physician : capax, perspicax, sagax, efficax. " Capax
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temporaries. Just when we needed him — and his knowledge —
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all portions of placenta and membranes removed, and
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store life that ^sculapius was destroj^ed, but because
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made out ; others are not so apparent, their position
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eliminate consciousness of pain. In any event we may claim that
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order to finish the operation quickly, and the kidney re-
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feeding should be abandoned except in rare instances, because it increases
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the conclusion that the air must be considered a factor of
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no disorders of the functions of the bladder and rectum. Although at the be-
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(ii.) From cerebellar tumour. The diagnosis must turn chiefly upon
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an original weight of 76 kilos, likewise maintained health, strength and
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" The dissection (thirty-four years] after the accident), which is
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Echinacea: the value of echinacea. It has been classed by
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Syrup of Hypophosphites with meals. Massage the chest and
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.we are most immediately concerned, we are tempted to make
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paper, and that is the late Zeb Vance, who has been dead twenty years.
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across, the corners being left as long as the central por-
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conditions appertaining to environment or to the personal and


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