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nutritious diet, and by tonics, especially such tonics as have a direct effect

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the part. In some positions, as in an inflamed lymphatic gland,

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phoresis, and in living tissues stimulates the nerves,

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of insanity. The reason of this is probably that persons

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appear and to reproduce itself, and which has been termed the cancerous dia-

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about a small vessel, especially if the so-called surgeon's knot is

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strangulation should be, medically speaking, as distinctly provable without

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should have so suddenly changed its position from a direction

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the method above described. Chloroform, if not eliminated or lost by*

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ism, resulting in dry gangrene. I gave her secale 3X every hour.

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picture is that of white atrophy ; 8, experiments on dogs

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Notwithstanding all this, I held to my opinion of an abor-

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antipyrin, phenacetin, etc. Some writers also advise the use of Vigo's

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injection of 4 cc. of a 10% solution of sodium tartrate. Again a

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of the red blood-corpuscle; they are markedly pigmented, usually

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invades the system by infection in a similar manner as malignant

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that anything like an exhaustive account is out of the

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of the prostate to rectal touch, undiminished length

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cases, the pain partly depends on a spasmodic contraction of the oa

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the whole of the organ had been converted into a thick- walled sac containing a

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production of sugar by the liver, dependent on morbid excitation re-

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in the same general way as during the preceding year. Of the cattle,

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11 f m ? ktln ^ f0i1 ' ifc is entire1 ^ dissipated in a white vapour

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majority of cases. The cured cases of syphilis do not go to autopsy

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C. L. Hoeffler, a recent graduate of Starling Medical College,

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birth, or during earliest infancy. A phase of apparent cure follows, lasting

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Tliey formulated the liyx:)otliesis that the malarial parasites were to

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wanting at the moment of inspiration ; recessions mod-

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such as "no," from dictation, or understand the simplest

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pointed out that they had been observed in the living tissues of mollusca,

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CM. Ten years later he took the M.D. of Glasgow. He had

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haps have an explanation of the partial alleviation of the

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has its own degree of acidity, and thus may perform its function with an


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