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third day and accordhig to what has been observed the order

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large nerves of the axillary plexus came away which showed that a

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treating low asthenic or adynamic inflammation all de

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the awful jeopardy in which their only child was placed may

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cannot lie down lay the cloth dipped in hot water and

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len glands twice a day. During intervals flannel covered heating

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employment of leisure days. You will have need of special study

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care it may be made to look respectable for years longer. A

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twenty four or forty eight hours. Ihit in very few instances whether the

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published In. have confirmed the idea long held that there

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set up for the purpose of getting rid of the dead fragment or

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treatment. It is precipitated by alcohol and by ether.

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he believes. That intestinal puncture by a fine trocar is only a

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the most efllicient means of reducing the temperature. Second

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the causes which co operate in its production may be

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in this regard based on whether the appendix extends outward

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of the mucous membranes. By far the most common is swelling of the

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per and also the so called nauseants. The last named

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not septic contains no septic germs and the mere pres

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meat and rice diet led to a marked replacement of proteolytic organ

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chemistry may be normal and no structural disease of the stomach ex

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was responsible for at least giving me their records back in.

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gical interference should only be made when the neck of the

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complication and is the cause of the great mortality


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