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that he never wrote them, for, allowing "hydrargri"

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preserving, and life giving — a Divine Trinity was

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fibula; and then, of course, we were much more assiduous in our efforts

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clitoridis, but we still find on pp. 1225 et seq. glan-

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in reserve to be called upon in the event of great carbohydrate

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the care of feeble minded women, and the next legislature,

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statistician. Bureau of the Census, Washington, D. C, Pro-

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be distinguished from the protoplasm. The myelocytes

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brain applied to raw material, there was no civiliza-

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ly clear days are about the same in both cities. In

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spiratory centre. As a matter of fa,ct, all asthmatic

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ters of various spas. The first of these in which the

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all new processes, defects are soon shown, and nat-

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the preservation of health and for the cure of dis-

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rounded nodules of soft, white tumor tissue contained in

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way station is Attica, Indiana, at junction of C. & E. I. R. R.

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sence, from temporary duty at Chicago, 111., and di-

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tions ; cleansing and healing after an admirable manner

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ing the appropriation of $1,000,000 for the care of

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havior of the throngs who turned the announcement that the

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ity of the cells as to impede the penetration of the

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five cases previously reported by Dr. Morse. Of his

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doses as these rules call for. Nor would it be suf-

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tively unfamiliar type, prostrating a person who had

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timated that only about ten per cent, of the children


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