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and this is followed by inflammation and an increased exudate of

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epidemic every individual is more or less under its influence and affected

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convenience and simplicity, the name "Podophyllin 1 ' has, by com-

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against the action of ultraviolet light afforded to alexin and sensi-

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45. Turninq in Cases of Disproportion heftveen the Fcefal Head and the

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strated in healthy infants. In infantile pseudo leucsemia

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primitiva della faringe; osservazioui cliniche e batte-

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When a series of insertions of the same advertisement is ordered,

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* Jobert. Etudes sur le système nerveux. Vol. ii., p. 648, Paris, 1838.

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the "lumbar pad," and in the loose scrotal tissue. The oedema at first

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Fatiier's sister had faintingtiirns ; another sister hud

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out his leg, and the pain was very intense. When undressed

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culiar. Its direct tendency is to promote the healthy functions of

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but it is now stated that, by a recent codicil, the bequest to the

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ovaries, and he claimed and reiterated it with just as

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timated included sums of £500 from the City of Dundee

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Neither during nor after the cessation of rigidity could this spasmodic

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Hartman, I am informed, is only thirty-two years old,

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certain diseases and degenerative forces promoter of this special sentiment, but he

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of manufacture, and, if so, did such difference have any relation to the

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in which the armies operated. John R. Page says the first case he saw

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■what was the matter, and, on learning tliat it was cancer, asked

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Eight plates of veal infusion agar, pH 7.4, with 5 per cent fresh sterile rabbit

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nings of psychical acquirements, superstition, in all probability, was an

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in presence of this symptom ought not to stand in the way of

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be suspected, and the urine examined in every case showing pallor of the skin

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In cases of pressure on the brain or spinal cord we get also

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took place in all the typical cases of Kaposi. In a case recorded by

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tion of sewage. He added sea-water to the sewage and the electrolytic

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his (the attendant's) shoulders, raised him up so that the patient's head and

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Nature's method of purification is simplicity itself, and brought about

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killed by it during the year and 30,000 men. As to the cattle

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the Biological Society of Paris, animals (Guinea-pigs, etc.), in

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of which were in a state of complete narcosis, the one from the

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wondrous tales of monstrosities told in a queer little book, now one and a

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the young is, not indeed useless, but less useful in the old.

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trunk or origin, is involved in the disease or compressed, as well

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these means the use of his soluble salt of mercury, so called

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formed, and the tissue becomes thoroughly infiltrated, as if soaked

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enable this Board to open such School in October, 1893.


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