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this occasion admire the heroism in the heart of Your friend," etc.

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draw attention to the condition. Leukoc}i:osis may not be present. The

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among these the rheumatic. Further investigations are needed to decide

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Diagnosis in the Stage of Eruption. — In typical cases this is not likely

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doubt of eligibility, and it seemed presumptuous to delay

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same time presenting a definite tendency to epidemic distribution, appeared

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assists the vision in the introduction of the sterilized blade into the small

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Immunity. ^One attack generally confers immunity; but second attacks

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mild and there is but little fever, whilst in the severest cases the child is

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with difficulty. During the height of the fever there may be almost complete

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smallpox, the occasional, early scarlatiniform rash is important, while the

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seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries outbreaks of cholera certainly

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ulceration of the stomach and intestines, appendicitis, and peritonitis, have

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case was of great severity. It ran a protracted course, but eventually re-

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examinations that the extent of the distribution of local lesions can be

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valuable treatise.— Pro/. Boscoc B. Bell, in the Americaii VeteHnary

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2. Serous Meningitis. — In this there is a mild grade of inflammation

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operation ; and even in several cases where the original tumor

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intensely degenerated fibers constituted approximately one-third of the

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to 2.2 per cent, of the body weight of fat swine ; to 6.6 per

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capillaries, and a condition exists which impedes the ready out-

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ointment applied, the eruption is scarcely noticeable. The usual desqua-

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filled with water, and, closing the ends to keep it full, the

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1895, "Albuminuria is not a disease but a symptom of a

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ity occur in the third, fourth and fifth decades. Among the cases of this

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