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the abdomen, or on the side of the chest, or on the inner surface of

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Sann6: "Statistics of Tracheotomized Cases at the Hospital for Sick Children,

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tain whether the deep reflexes were ever lost in cases of

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granular and degenerate, so that the atrophy is not wholly a simple

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and to correct the morbid state of the blood ; (2.) To eliminate

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cles tlecbisseurs communs et extenseurs commons des

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twenty years. The partisans of the opinion opposed to this

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matter under decay, when life is extinct, having reached the

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be followed extemaljy by the auscultating ear or the

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care two ladies in Avhom it had existed fifteen or sixteen years, and

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is often followed by profuse perspiration; this is, as a rule, followed

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degree of malignancy is observed in the beginning, or very soon thereafter.

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the medium of propagation to another patient within the next twenty-four hours.

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Dislocation of the Testicle.— Dr. Ramon Guiteras pre-

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but they become globular on the addition of water. Minute structures

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diversion from its uniform balance will contribute to an

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House Ear Institute, 5 days per month. 53 hrs. $975. Contact: An-

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may invade the inner layer, the cell layer of Langhans.

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school of nursing, supplemented by bachelor's degree

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borrows no philosophy from Paley, snatches no poetry from Childe

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drug than morphia. The great frequency of very alarming symptoms, and

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Section 2. Brachycera. — Orthorrhapha with antennae in which

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for a longer and longer time, or if the Csh is submitted to a more

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the latter. In this whole sphere of thought, however,

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ture of the symptoms, have been a mortality varying

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paretic state by the employment of such agents as strychnin and electricity.

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ment with the virgin cat. The infusion and the evaporated extract

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Ph7.4 and the autolysate heated in a water bath or in the Arnold

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ascending frontal convolution,' and especially where it borders the fissure of

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little pain : consequently he did not confine himself, but used

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that there was not the necessary force behind it to insure success. For

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2. Potter TA, Waifeld MS, Thomas WH: Arthroplasty of the

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have his authority for saying, that he has no doubt whatever

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unfavorable social conditions have been totally absorbed in India, but in

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more frequently deposited in the liver than in any other organ. As-

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pulsation (see above), and that it then, as the synchronous record of the

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since it is his practice to first open Douglas' pouch and to satisfy himself

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big, sausage-shaped masses on either side of the uterus, the abdomen should


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