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the lunula) are not affected, and so long as they come well into con-
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mal collection of fluid in the body, hydnemic and serous plethora, is
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able mention. The latter is a very valuable remedy in cases of de-
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Diseases too difficult for home treatment will be outlined and the
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as the graduating class were concerned, for purposes
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ceuted pigmented bodies; (2) pigmented bodies in the red corpus-
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of measles albumin may be lacking, although the other abnormal constituents
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slight troplio-plastic activity of the tissues, and deficiency of oxygen
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This is not the place in which to give any detailed description of
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Examination of the auditory canal is conducted by means of
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of measles albumin may be lacking, although the other abnormal constituents
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lessness, anxiety, vertigo, and symptoms resembling those of alco-
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of chojea occurring in connection with pericarditis, so this one might
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The last mechanical effect of the accumulation of fat in the ab-
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time in the course of the disease. The normal proportion between
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the urine alkaline without diminishing the joint pain or allaying
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six drops of carbolic acid in half a tumbler of water given in tea-
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to undergraduates. Their influence was perceptible in
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when some intercurrent disease already exists, or when the patient
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rule" as to fat is adhered to. I would recommend the following pre-
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muscular one, but certain writers, among them Erb and Lei)ine,
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elevated and the space about the bowl is left open, which secures
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nerves, thus interfering with the regular movement of the blood
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despite all theoretical opposition, i^ermit the use of carbohydrates to
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in this locality. When coincident with neuralgic pains elsewhere
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yet it has frequently' been asserted that this is the case, and one of
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myocardium and, sometimes, of the liver. These patients pass a
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impossible, that gas accumulates more and more in the blood ; the
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How close then are the relations between many things which seem
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pairs already mentioned, so that by the time the child is one year
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Mix and make into twenty pills. Dose one after each meal three


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