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off by a broad expanse of richly cultivated valley, which intervenes,
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chloroform (one part of the latter to four of the former) has many
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tion of sodium chlorid is small, but demonstrable edema is, as a rule,
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these cases, while fatigue and strong exertion of any kind are avoided.
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the open seats, one back could be raised so that they would project be-
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viii, 6; 19; 20; 30; 44; 56; 68; 228: 1889, 9. s., ii, 422; 433;
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was no difference in their value during the first seventeen weeks at the
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tongue, the skin, the complexion, the bodily strength or debility, to
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second method shows that the fibres passing- from the cortex
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sociated with the splenic pulp which is lacerated in the attempt to re-
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Eegarding the exact manner in which the emetic acts in bilharziasis,
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least sensitive point, the ear, suck a drop of blood into
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Tisi6n entre 7, .568 enfernios reconocidos. Kev. esp. de
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absorption of the various ingredients which it may hold in solution.
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but on the following day the child appears quite well. A
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Wet the inside of a wide-mouthed tumbler and press a handkerchief firmly into
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and aft^r incision be in position to carry operation to whatever extent may be
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J885-6, iii, 713-718.— Furniss (J. P.) Synopsis of report
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cure of the aneurism, that the syphilitic symptoms might be removed
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Pia. 21. — The boied T«cep(Bcle. Files are eicluded by tbe
poplar-tar. As we use corrosive sublimate to-day, so the an-
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such temperatures had actually occurred was indisput-
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scopical examination of it will be necessary. Dakin states that the true
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remained unchanged, and he might have been seen gasping his vows of
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bleedings which occur as a consequence of some accidental cutting or
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balance. We can further by stretching the spinal column with
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The course of the intoxication in the animals of this age grouping
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first by Marey, and since then by many other leading physiolo-
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the lower part of the right lung expands little Cough is short, frequent, and sup-
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mation affecting primarily the apices, and undergoing
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marked symptoms. He had been once or twice salivated for this
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Chicago. W. B. Saunders & Company, Philadelphia
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tion of nitrogen in ratio to its intake in the patho-
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deviated outward and downward; dbtance from F>K- si -—Ethmoid osteonu.
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Multiple Traumatic Hemorrhages of the Liver Associated
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patient was brought out to air and space, and artificial respiration begun.
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at the beginning of the attack, that any physician, however great his
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time to-day is devoted. It is a lasting record of the
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dairy or ice cream factory, the storage for an improper length of time
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as the case may be. Xot infretiuently a valve segment is
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presented by this case are those of advanced carcinoma. There is
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topics: January 21st. "On Inebriety and its Pathol-
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with instructions that, if the food was not taken each time, it was to


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