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gentleman justly claims that he cannot, without adver-

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and jirivate ])aj)ers attested that this woman was a des("endant

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is sufficient to cure radically those who are afflicted with disorders of

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that it has the advantage over the ordinarily used anti-

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Science, and the large sales of patent medicines, afford ample

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and throat cultures and quarantined all the children showing positive

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7. Barchha R, Stewart MA, Guze SB: The prevalence of alcoholism among

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indicated in gonorrhea in all stages, prostatitis, epidydimitis, cystitis, etc.

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. We are also told that the liver was " twice its natural

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course will be spent at the parent college in Brunswick and

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these cases, where the peripheral branches of the portal and its roots are

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may very unexpectedly take an unfavorable turn. The hygienical

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There is a wide field of research open at the present time, not

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in situ would generally be unsuccessful ; and indeed in nearly all cases the

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subject — some of them very severe cases. It was injected in doses of from

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making muscular exertion, or otherwise it will soon come to be looked

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The presence of the bacillus is generally determined by the intra-

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giving rise to the asthmatic paroxysm, appears to be central — in the

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While sodium estrone sullate is the principal estrogen

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The total leukocyte count is usually not increased beyond 10,000;

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except in the prompt and marked reaction on the one hand and in cases,


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