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proximity, a mulberry mass resulted comparable to the mulberry fat
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at Government House and Mrs. W. H. Edwards's. There was
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may serve in the treatment of hysterical manifes-tations, but
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Palais Longchamps. During this last short course it becomes
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perial importance, the most severe exclusion and the most
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part we prefer to see the artisans of London working out
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He would move that the Union did not endorse the action of
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The Pbesident said the brief was in the hands of a firm of
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Butlin, London ; Dr. Bell, Bradford; Mr. W. H. Buckley, Oldham ; Dr.
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signed by l,9S4 persons has been deposited against it. A great deal of evi-
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bring the infection to other places down or up the river. Of
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moist air is to irritable lungs !) and promoted expectoration,
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with those of Dr. "Wooldridge. The work that has been pub-
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company, not only as to the balance claimed, but as to the sum paid,
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when the disease was limited to the portio vaginalis, vaginal
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employed themselves in knitting quilts, which, at the end of the war,
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February 25th, that Dr. Lowson, of Hull, had operated on a
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bers of the Pension Fund have been enabled during the year
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foreign service, although we suppose privileged leave is reckoned as
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ing the course of other diseases, in addition to the differences-
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pay of 1,0;!.'' rupees ; iucome tax and mess subscriptions amounted to tii»
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ceased brought home five pounds of pork, which he said he
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the papers did not insert the worst advertisements, which he
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and at Tambi in ISM. It will be remembered that Surgeon-
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by a medical man who attended him. With the above exceptions he has
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after reading it, he does not feel some indignation
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£2->u, with board, lodging, and washing. Applications, on forms to be
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This restriction has teen a very general cause of trouble and com-
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fection of valuable books used by a scarlatina patient to an experi-
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by transferring the toxic products of metabolism into easily
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found to be shortened three-quarters of an inch, with some
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a filiform bougie, and it was not until attempts at catheter-
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room and a chamber for soiled linen. There are two fine
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is a r^geryoir containing 400,0(.M) cubic metres. The coat has
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them are swallowed by man, they grow up into the asexual
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removal. Assuming, however, that he is not legally debarred by any
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cause the wider difi'usion thus brought about lessens the
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S. Smith took part. — Mr. Mouat-Biggs (Cheltenham) ex-
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paratus or Goddard and Massey's, provided the heat does not much ex-


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