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the left side of the face, and increased reflexes on the right side.

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on the system ; they seldom or never cure, but often destroy the patient. Their

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of phosphorus and nervous electricity, because the diminution of light affects the

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kind, conquered and took him prisoner, and declared liberty to the consumptive.

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renewed to Noah and his sons imm the Deluge. C1 was moreover re-

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tailine sublimate and a carbonaceous residue. The less soluble

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peared ; the fingers are united together like the toes of a frog ; and in the ribs,

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with no history of such infection and a negative Wassermann

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sin — " washed in the blood of the Lamb" "that taketh away the sin of the world."

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pathogenic action excited bv the injured eye upon the sound one,

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only be possible if the predisposing conditions for the development

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obtain from the common air, all the operations of the body would be accelerated to

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* I do not speak of the concUtion of the heart's valyes alluded to as bdng the

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usual children's illnesses except typhus. She had an attack of

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thickness of the very delicate matrix by which its branches are

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The following, recorded by v. Graefe, may be taken as an

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suffered to remain in the system, becomes secondary in tho blood, and breaks out

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invention of the stethoscope has been of incalculable advan-

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Bordeaux, &c^ suffered again in 1865. The chief force of aU the epidemics (except

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future communication). A recent report by Hermann^ has

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tion, from the decompositions of animal refuse. The stench of the boiling and dry-

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distinct portions. The manner in which the plait was made corresponded exactly

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grene. It will be thus seen that he does not deny in toto the

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summer of 1865. No mention, it will be observed, has been made

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taken, the .proportion would be still larger. Now, when we

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sessing at their centre plasmatic lacunse and nuclei, which

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ing by corrosive substances; the internal were whitened and

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acting the same as costiveness in the bowels, which gives headache, derangement

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Jbdomen. — ^The os uteri and vagina were bathed with pus, and

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account of the Malta epidemic. The history of the Gibraltar visitation

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is one of the many mechanisms Dr. II. K. Root has invented for the amelioration of

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dy is warm and moist, than when dry and cold. A pure and bracing atmo-


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