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by chronic intestinal catarrh, the cause of the hyper-

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ing the correct formation of these sounds, and compelling their

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largely due to his shrewdness in pandering to the love of

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heart murmur. I therefore started an inquiry, but I had not

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j prise as well as joy, that the organ at once returned

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l^fjL in diameter and a haemoglobin capsule of 6//. The filament pene-

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Rainfall Investigations, and on the Humidity of the Atmo-

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water caused stone in Holland. A. E. Roberts holds that stone in India

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cases of the disease. ' At this point the Ethical Committee reported, advis-

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A. L. McBride, the class' delight, and Claude Scoff, Gavin Watson parade ;

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has probably not been said on the nomenclature (piestion, but, however

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cibly, blown through a small tube into the larynx for a minute or two."

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assistance to those whose income may prevent access to

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a specific gravity of about i.oio. The viscidity which we

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" Worthy in the method, style, and reflections, of the

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would not affect the orbicularis oris, and proljably would cause weakness

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A.M., M.D., deems waste of time and waste of energy to be the

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better off yet — ^he had four. Three were on the left

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July, the quantity of sugar eliminated was 2 2"8 grains per

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wrinkles and tretinoin and how fast

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(Fig 4). This represented a major advance, as no sig-

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ature, and cannot therefore be used as a diagnostic aid.

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organised. The amended sanitary law of 186G g.ive to local

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developed ; calvaria entirely absent ; skin covered red-

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-I<-!'ili-,-J h\ ilir 1,,M! L'l'n.T.iIrJ. In ill.' i .i-c ..f -lir.ipiirl llii- ^licll Inil-t

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containing n large proportion of hypeitro|ihi<d cpi-

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of the Dental Board of the Royal College of Surgeons.

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minal parietes, being inserted at the superior part

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• exist in many hospitals, including those listed above

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based and shall further identify the persons, texts or

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Dr. Stubberf^ has examined a series of seventy-three cases by means

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cough and phlegm ; asthma every night ; has tried many localities

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repeated spasms of the organs of respiration producing a great deter-

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very grave operation of Krauss, Hartley, and Gushing,

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digestive disorders, there is produced, through the inade-

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the sacks, although there was at the same time uneaten AragaUus

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on the contrary is never raiserl but a few degrees above the temperature

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risk of a secondary sarcoma developing in bones and soft

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which aerobic and anaerobic organisms each play a part. As a rule,

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