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destroyed or their function is impaired. The results of such
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usual operation was performed and a large stone extracted
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of the prostatic pad was insisted on. At the end of
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catheters over standard IV catheters may be their ability to
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the Natural History of Medicine among the Indians of North
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tion. Tuberculin has a contractile influence on these
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Of late the surgical department has become of great importance in
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the average number of physical defects per child has been
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respectively after snbdnral inoculation with the fixed virus of rabies were
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pressed and unwell for several days and lose weight rapidly partly
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combined with bismuth is often of service. If hepatic disease exists tho
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camphor. Other patients manifested no such symptom but it is not
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be transmitted from the gums through the ganglionic system of
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tification independent of the amount of exudation or the rapidity with
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sibilities of error in this matter of judging blood pressure
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particular reputation to lose and is therefore not vulnerable
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results. We may with absolute truth urge that with our
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the valuable astringent properties of which render it of great
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will be found a most efficient means of restoring the tempera
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primary anemia of unknown causation characterized by marked diminu
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only be judged of by the effects produced The patient should be
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loosely termed the first week of a typhoid fever may in reality be
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The same obliquity occurs in the axis but is in ex
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the brain each hemisphere holds its relation to the
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ever the muscles of the lower extremities as well as
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latency and generally speaking a much longer time elapses
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with signals of irritation of vaso motor or nutritive nerve fibres
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awakenings and or early morning awakening in patients
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belly of a muscle it will produce bone in its new situation. Dr.
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Lobar croupous or fibrinous pneumonia is an inflammation of the air
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vaaina are occasionally resorted to by the patient or by an ig
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in the study of anatomy but devoted much time to diseases of
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deeply and more thoroughly studied it has been brought
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also cominon the amount of blood coughed up depending upon the
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Of the loss which the profession has just sustained it has been
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must therefore refer our readers to their publications. It must how
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the pelvis of the mare. Give the causes symptoms and treatment of
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provoked and to acquaint himself with the phenomena of the


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