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can prevent the spread of cholera by prompt and thorough disinfection of

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fession of medicine in Philadelphia. I have travelled a good

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required. The preparations of ammonium, particularly the carbonate

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hara in May, 1889, reached St. Petersburg in the following October,

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small aneurysm, and are most prone to occur during the stage of cavity.

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board of health constituted of prominent citizens, or a com-

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repeated gentle shocks and subsequent reactive stimulation of the sen-

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18.2 protein and 18 fat; loin of pork, 16.8 protein and 30.3

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May 10th. One jet douche to three fan douches were alternately given for one

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are good, yet great caution must be exercised in their selection.

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the amount of coloring-matter put in it, — some very dark, the

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pine-apple, called bromelin, which has the property of convert-

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stomach of the child, while the latter is held upright in the nurse's

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watching they require. Exercise short of fatigue consumes

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most of them, or seen the result of their use in conjunction

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no subject dead of a contagious disease went to the anatomi-

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minal condition in not a few acute and chronic diseases ; among the

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with ice water (see page 409), until the temperature was reduced, so

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Remember, though, in serious progressive cases after a

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the disease it is markedly hypei-emic. Its color varies, ranging from pale

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