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increased after an injection of the drug. Hence he concludes
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the year before of thirty two M eeks of actual teaching time.
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theories differed as to the mode in which the cerebral changes are
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of October st to invite attention to the utility of this
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sickness. The principles and mode of administering ether
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three grain doses of chloral hydrate for a child two
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as one of the most popular and curative applications in
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tice or from that of others we cannot exactly determine
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authority with rating power. He was sorry to see that others had not
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and could not be kept awake to answer questions. The temperature was
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to us. Without realizing it he has instilled into each
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bed very badly and many will die long before bony union occurs.
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Apparent healing occurred for a few days when the general condition
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turn still further reduced the blood pressure and so on
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small longitudinal rima rather depressed girth four and
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of the Board or between the School and State Society.
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lily acquires an elevated temperature and becomes dry
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been shown to be nothing but modified small pox. The mystery sur
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cercus may live for years perhaps the hydatid or larva
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From Dr. Kitt we have st A contribution to the early
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There is no occasion for the inflammatory process to
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llemainder of treatment a nauseous diaphoretic stew and
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Very exceptionally we meet with a myxomatous reticulum
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mercury bichloride solution lasting minutes to i hour internal stimulation
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becomes a habit to afflict through life wearing out the intellect
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The attacks while usually resulting from acute laryngitis did not in
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of infestation. Measuring results in this way is expensive but
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cutting operation is the cause in many of those cases
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tration is done later in life there is atrophy of the
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