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chairman of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce,
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medical legislation, both local and national, as evidenced by the
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Keller* is also of the opinion that this condition can not
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The General Sessions shall include all registered mem-
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of this paper. Still, with certain precautions, it forms
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from $1.60 to $2.00. In many instances breakfast will be served
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to another. Ignorant inventors of alleged systems of
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in the lungs nor to hasten the crisis, but that in certain
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centers. Injected under the arachnoid, the cocain moves with
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quarterly meeting of the provincial board of health was held at
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the vastus externus muscle to such an extent that it was neces-
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mastoid involvement, he was kept under observation. On the
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secretary or the president of the state society. While at
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docs away with the tampon and consequent danger of infec-
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Recently, Frazer reported a case of appendicitis in
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the disease may be produced in animals by varying the method
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portation committee and special agent of the company upon
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access to any part of the body, the skin, mucous mem-
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tain hosts of various bacteria in addition to the one
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ercises a constant traction on the new-formed fornix in the
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teric in consequence of a violent emotion, and persisted for
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The composition of digitalis is, chemically speaking, very com-
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pillars and ring can be recognized by touch." In a note Brown


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