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points of interest referred to in the paper, and would there-
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Intravenous Sublimate Injections in Syphilis. — Blaschko {/!< 1 7.
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weak and flabby ; most likely it contained some starchy element which
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was such that he soon had her committed again to the state hospital, where
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how the saline infusion acts. Possibly it dilutes the
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such success by any other method of treatment, and these
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but simply a woman with a personality, one who can cheer up
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angular adhesion of one or more loops of intestine to the
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genuine fluctuation that the presence of disseminated and not
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phine. There is no use for such places ; they do not
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his simple assertion, and, in our Immble opinion, he will not find
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arise without any sudden movement to produce it. In all attacks in
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very well many of the ordinary aspects of the disease — the
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catalepsy is fairly well proved, it would not be safe to infer malingering in
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360 cc. of 1: 1 hydrochloric acid. When diazotization was complete
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qualified for every diversity of aliment and climate, than any
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neurotic edema — a chronic, progressive edema or serous
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ment suggested by Babinski of Paris, has treated a number of cases
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other. This constant stimuli of contact would differenti-
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there is occasionally a very superficial systolic sound. At the
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simple method of treating fistula in ano. Am. Pract. &
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men are injected into the blood, the amount of albumen
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opinion has hitherto led to no practical benefits ; but lately M. Laugier, at the
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England made in conformity with that resolution ; the Council adheres to th^
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indeed a swinging temperature, combined with the signs already
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in order that only a small front shall be exposed to chol-
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Dr. J. P. Boyd, Dr. T. H. Brannon, Dr. R. J. Baird, and
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expended amounts to about ten litres per minute ; hence it would require a large
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has made sphygmographic tracings in four hundred cases
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ment, more or less intense, of the whole or a portion of one cerebral
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Nathan Smith, M.D. Professor of Medicine in Dartmouth College ; from
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which was liberally punctuated with applause. He spoke in warm
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regions, vagina purple, cervix velvety, uterus enlarged and pushed to the right
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tion per rectum will reveal the cervix lying two or three
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Charles Innes, Inns. Aged 41, bil. lymph. 5 months.
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appearance of its own, just as placenta has an appearance of its
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(March 30) the suspension was continued for another fifteen days,
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the stomach can often be seen through the thin abdominal
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tasis. Squire made use of a cataract needle of about four times the
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temperature of the trachea under corresponding condi-
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history of all who reach high place, Dr Duncan's life was one of
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As a result of pressure on the intestine and consequent partial closure
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(parts were congenitally defective or absent, or if there were external sexual
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consequence, considered to be disease of the other times after the blood has been drained
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may also the tourniquet of Petit, to compress the femoi'al artery
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be impeded or imperfectly performed, without serious risk, and grave


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