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it is conjectured that sometimes embolic matter may pass through the
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lectual pursuits, it arises generally from the sedentary habits connected
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chial affection is not more intense, but, commencing usually with cor3'za,
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are often found in the right cavities of the heart.
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drium. Icterus, or jaundice, occurs in the majority of cases, but is not
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abates the soreness in the lung-s, improves the appetite, and impedes
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gous to those observed in the degenerative changes which take place
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In young subjects this disease is less severe and less likely to prove
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which must necessarily prove irritating, especially to the
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limits. The actual knoAvledge which we possess is derived from clinical
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moderately pure state, passes to the lower extremities.
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tion, or to accidental causes, the predisposition is rather to disease
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in the second 24 hours, she took 4*72 grains ; on the third da}", 236 grains ;
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are slight, and they may even be wanting. In these cases transudation
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Before he could be placed on a bed in his chamber, life was
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affection is usually the Peyerian and solitary glands. It leads to ulcera-
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completely encysted, but were all inclosed in smooth fusiform tubes, of
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an herpetic eru))tion in this situation, should alwaj's excite suspicion of
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of the affection. From the symptoms the patient may for a time be sup-
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the operation of paracentesis, as in the famous case of " dry tapping"
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Not a compilation, but rather the record of independent opinions and investiga-
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cystic duct, and that the romiting produced the rupture of the
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blood. Now, it is not unlikely that the toxic properties of pus belong
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of inflammation. The indigestion thus giving rise to diarrhoea ma}^ be
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disease of the kidneys in cases of chronic dysenter}^ In seventeen cases
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color ; the striated or fibrous aspect is obscured ; the organ is soft and
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The Library Committee reported that they had received from
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came home late from his store, and partook, before going to


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