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that there must be admitted to be, in some cases, an inborn and inherited
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While the departments of general and regional surgery have re-
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bacteriological examinations inside the hospitals and subsequently in the
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wrist became developed and natural, like that of the opposite side ;
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on the cord. The vessels are tied with No. 3 cumolized catgut
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where some hundreds of wounded were left badly provided for
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in this case that these fibres from the pyramidal tract to the nuclei of
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months of pregnancy,, and the question arises whether
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siders that the probability of recurrent hemorrhages caus-
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lococcus intracellularis. That a primary cerebrospinal
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2. The Present Status of our Knowledge of Chlorosis.
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and below from the vertebrse, and ossifications extending into
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specific, in the sense that it must be founded on a predisposition.
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ceivable precaution was taken to avoid any risk of hemor-
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spinal cord is only surrounded by fluid, and is able to swing
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again and discharged again and again after the complete cure,
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sulted me Oct. 31, 1875. The dilatation of tlie stom-
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oft-times streptococci — are found in the mouths of human beings
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On the occasion of a recent visit to England, Prof. Donders had his at-
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1. Peristaltic Movements. These consist of wave-like circular
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cumstance occurs in the day-time, and more frequent opportu-
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The treatment consists of a mild emetic, if there be reason to suppose
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with uralite inside and corrugated iron outside ; the :}-inch air-lock
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w-hich, as stated, w-as also further complicated just about the
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retrograde intussusception of the small intestine is now a well-recognized
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system of sewerage, with a thorough flushing of the sewers at regular and
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early age of the development and the fact that the lesions fol-
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more rarely, in addition, bilirubin. Albumin in considerable quan-
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sulphites of lime and soda as remedial agents. The original report was
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The .most delightful part of my new job will be to have an opportunity to meet my many
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Dickerman, Wilton Elias, B.A., Amherst, 'go.. Yale, '93 Hartford.


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